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SecurePay a mobile payment gateway, a product of The OLB Group, Inc. (OLBG), is an industry leading merchant services and software development company, providing PCI compliant technology designed to secure processing, transmitting and storing of payment card related data. SecurePay’s real time gateway connects a merchant’s web store to our secure server for automatic processing, addressing all of the needs for eCommerce solutions. Virtual Terminals allow a merchant to process credit card transactions manually or via a swiped interface for mobile and tablet solutions. SecurePay is rich in advanced features, providing standardized and custom transaction reports, processing recurring transactions and maintaining account information via an easy-to- use online interface. Engineered using service-oriented architecture, SecurePay’s processing platform allows for easy integration and supports advanced technologies including tokenization and point-to- point encryption.

Payment professionals choose SecurePay, the leading browser-based and mobile payment processing solution. With an ever-changing environment of advanced payments technology, we’ve combined creativity and security with trustworthiness and developed a payment gateway product offering important solutions for any business, regardless of size and specific needs.

We believe as industry experts, the vital importance of implementing a payments gateway that better serves the needs of our partners and merchants is the expectation for a service provider. Combining a team of industry experts, we have implemented a gateway product built with reliability, security, innovation and a high level of customer service. SecurePay Gateway is a trustworthy selection.


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An enhanced security product developed for MOTO (keyed in transactions), Card Present (Swiped), and E-Commerce (Card-Not-Present) transactions using encrypted data. SecureGuard transparently defends malicious fraud and hacking attempts while protecting a merchant account from credit card testing and purchase fraud.

API (Application Programming Interface)

Documentation written for developers, providing condensed and easy to understand integration information. Experienced integration specialists are available to address and resolve issues during integration.

Recurring Billing

Setup automated billings for an individual customer, via a credit card or ACH transaction, including a definitive amount, on a specific day or specialized time period.

Variable Batch Time

Providing our merchants the ability to set their batch settlement time. Simply set batch times during provided established cut off times and enjoy Next Day Funding settlements. YOU control your business.

PCI (Payment Card Industry)

The PCI data security standard was implemented by Visa and Master Card, providing strong standards merchants and processors must abide by, to avoid high liability costs for any breach of cardholder data. Calpian’s processing environments are completely PCI certified.


Our trained support specialists are prepared to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year with a first call resolution in mind. We strive to provide the best customer service in the market today. Please feel free to call us with any questions.

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360 Degree View With SecurePay


Check out which products are hot and which are not! Pull product reports and even reorder products. Manage the entire inventory.


Speedy transactions with smooth point of sale for your business sell your products and services efficiently without disruptions!


Taking customers from point A- to-B is my job and every time I finished my job I had to wait for the central office. Now I do it on the spot!


As a messenger I have too many tasks to complete on an hourly basses having my personal POS with me makes my job faster and productive!


Schedule a job. assign employees and bill customers.servicing customers is easy as 1,2, 3, Get your customers in and out the shop efficiently and quickly!.


Too many customers to keep track of? Now you can schedule appointments on calendar give commissions to your employees and ring up products at the POS screen!


Having my POS with me every weekend makes my business more productive and efficient instead of waiting beginning of the week to run all the transactions!


My job as a waiter is hectic already, keeping track of all the tables and customers is another headed that I don’t need …using my personal POS make my life easier!

Easy Shop

Easy Shop is SecurePay's free shopping cart solution developed for merchants seeking an affordable method for linking their merchant web site to the SecurePay virtual payment gateway.

Mobile Payments

Merchants need an option to process secure transactions anywhere allowing businesses to never miss a sale. Accept EMV and APPLE Pay mobile transactions with just one swipe, dip or tap.

Third Party Shopping Cart

SecurePay currently works with a wide range of shopping cart providers, welcoming integration of new shopping carts high in demand. We welcome the opportunity to expand our relationships.

Customer Vault

Store customer's information securely through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) storing payment information within our PCI certified data security, permitting merchants to initiate transactions via tokenization without accessing cardholder information directly.

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